Weaver Kaspa
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There are things that are simply great as they are. Although tweaks and adjustments are added in shooting equipment, for example, the quality and workmanship of particular brands continue with their latest product lines. The Weaver Kaspa is a great example of a classic traditional piece of shooting equipment. This¬†Weaver Kaspa review will talk about the brand, the rifle scope’s features, and its review and rating.

Weaver as the Classic Tactical Shooting Brand

Those who had followed the history of the brand Weaver would know that the maker of the smart mount for everything that shoots (crossbows, rifles, you name it) is William Weaver, who established the WR Weaver Co. in 1930. This brand’s claim to fame is the convenience it offered to shooters and gun owners. Instead of screwing sights to their weapons of choice, these shooters only had to use the rail mount to insert their scopes.

As a brand, Weaver sees to it that all their optic products meet a certain standard. It should be extremely durable to withstand any type of condition in the outdoors. It must also be precise despite all shock and movement. Most people who ever delved in shooting remembers this brand to fulfill this requirement: the design of weaver scopes are unique to cater to these features, enabling users to easily choose magnification options under all kinds of weather. When it comes to durability and versatility, Weaver is easily the brand that comes to mind.

The Weaver Kaspa Tactical Edition

If you are looking for a mean-looking riflescope for your tactical needs, you must be looking for the Weaver Kaspa. This 1-4x24mm scope is famous for being one of the budget-friendly scopes in the tactical division, but it does not skimp on value.

What separates this from most of the scopes from Weaver is that it is slim at 30mm. It also allows rugged performance while your gun looks streamlined and less obtrusive. At the same time, one would find that the illuminated reticle makes this scope a good companion, especially if you are shooting in low light locations. The usual great MOA adjustments offered by Weaver is still there and one can enjoy the crisp adjustment for sheer accuracy. Side focus also comes in some models in this series, which makes sure that shots do not suffer from parallax errors. As always, these scopes do not fog, thanks to the nitrogen purging inside. The lens caps that makes lens damage due to impact less probable is a welcomed plus too.

Its compact design makes it great looking for low-profile mounts. One would still enjoy the solid built of this one-piece barrel. As always, the lenses are fully multi-coated, which means you get vivid pictures even on the edges. The line also comes with four illuminated reticles to choose from. One can opt to get the Dual X, Zombie CRT, MiniDot, and the Tactical Ballistic X.

With this pack of robust features, this Weaver Kaspa comes in the price range of $300-335 MSRP. If you think about it, these matte-finished scopes would make a loud bang for the buck.

What Shooters Are Saying

Surprisingly, there is a mix of opinion when it comes to this product among tactical shooters. Some would happily go for this Weaver because of the price. However, there are some complaints about the ballistic drop lines, which some say are not working really well. The illumination is fine as long as there is low light, but is rather distracting when one is shooting during bright light. For some, the field of view feels a bit too narrow, in such a way that they feel a tunnel effect when looking through the barrel. However, people love the turrets, construction, and side focus controls.

So is it enough to buy this for the price? Some buyers would not want to agree with that.

Should You Buy It?

After weighing the pros and cons of this Weaver scope, it still is a good buy. But, you might want to also have another scope for lighting demands.  Click here to see other reviews.

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